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Become one of the first to earn the 7MI badge and learn the 7MI Market Intelligence Essentials Framework, built based on leading commercial and public sector market intelligence practices and how they can be applied to engage suppliers and deliver better acquisition outcomes.

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Our facilitators will be selecting a select group of 25 participants to become part of the first class to learn 7MI. Participants will be either from government or industry and should be involved in acquisition and procurement in some manner, either as a program or on behalf of procurement.

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Date and Duration:
December 15, 2020 from 11:00 am - 5:00 pm ET
Format: Online virtual workshop, with an overview of the 7MI framework essentials, discussions, and practical exercises

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1-day virtual training workshop

Be part of a select group to learn 7MI!

Learn leading commercial and public sector market intelligence practices and frameworks, all incorporated into Public Spend Forum’s “7 Economics and Market Intelligence Essentials

7MI can be best described as a framework that incorporates fundamentals of how markets work and basics of economics. It is designed to be fact-based and analytical as opposed to “hunches” and collaborative with an emphasis on early on supplier engagement.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure the 7MI framework leads to requirements that aligned with the market, increased market transparency and lower information asymmetries, and lower barriers for suppliers so the best suppliers participate in opportunities.

7MI™ Leads To

with market
Increased market transparency and lower information asymmetries
Lower barriers
for suppliers
Best suppliers participate in the opportunity

Our mission PSF & GovShop

GovShop, powered by Public Spend Forum, is on a mission to create open markets so that buyers and suppliers can come together and solve problems effectively and efficiently. We are doing this, first and foremost, by providing easy to access and actionable market data and intelligence so all those involved in government markets can become the superheroes the world needs.

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Watch videos and webinars on how market intelligence can be your superpower and lead to better procurement outcomes

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