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Governments around the world spend well over $10 trillion. We believe market intelligence is the single most important activity, or let’s say superpower, that anyone involved in government procurement can use to create better outcomes at lesser cost and faster speeds.

Introducing the 7MI Framework

We are excited to introduce the 7 Economics and Market Intelligence Essentials for Public Procurement (7MI), a framework based on our 20 years working across private, public,
and non-profit sectors as well as extensive research and engagement with experts.

7MI can best be described as a framework that incorporates the fundamentals of how markets work and the basics of economics. It is designed to be fact-based and analytical as opposed to “hunches” and collaborative with an emphasis on early supplier engagement.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure the 7MI framework leads to requirements that align with the market, increase market transparency, and lower information asymmetries and barriers for suppliers so the best suppliers participate in opportunities.

7MI™ Leads To

with market
Increased market transparency and lower information asymmetries
Lower barriers
for suppliers
Best suppliers participate in the opportunity

The 7MI Challenge

Apply for this unique opportunity to learn about 7MI Economics and Market Intelligence Essentials that can be used to develop deep insights into any market and power any public procurement. All participants will earn a 7MI Hero Achievement Badge and CLP credits.
Duration: 9 weeks, 1-hour online
class each week
Format: Online meeting, with an overview
of 7MI Essential, followed by discussion and exercise

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PSF & GovShop’s Mission

GovShop, powered by Public Spend Forum, is on a mission to create open markets so that buyers and suppliers can come together and solve problems effectively and efficiently. We are doing this, first and foremost, by providing easy to access and actionable market data and intelligence so all those involved in government markets can become the superheroes the world needs.

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